Welcome to Coaster Christmas 2012

We started off the day bright and early with
registration at 8:45am out near the log and axe.

All right, we got our laminates - let's go!

Soon they herded everyone down to Riverfront Playhouse,
where a surprise breakfast was waiting. HUGE cinnamon
rolls, fruit-filled pastries and giant cupcakes were served.

Seriously, these things are huge.
Yes, that's what she said.

The Park Presentations were kicked off by throwing
Outlaw Run shirts into the crowd of over 150 attendees.

Lisa Rau kicked off the actual ceremony by welcoming
everyone to the 9th Annual Coaster Christmas and then
showed a video from IAAPA of the unveiling of the first car.

Next, Park President, Brad Thomas took the stage and walked
everyone through the theme of Outlaw Run -- which featured
a lot of the same material that was shown at the media event.

Here is a slide that was shown that featured the main
attributes of Outlaw Run that the park is pushing.

Next was Fred Grubb, owner of Rocky Mountain Construction,
the company who is building Outlaw Run. He hit a few more
key components of the ride, stating it was the firms biggest
project to date and then he fielded a few questions from the floor.


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