SILVER DOLLAR CITY | Trip Report 04.25.09

Welcome to the Worldfest 2009.

In the Frisco Barn they had the Tastes of the World Food Court
featuring different entrees from around the world.

At the Boatworks Theatre near the Waterboggan, Dermot Murphy from Ireland
entertained crowds with Irish Ballads.

At the Dockside Theatre, Ken "Catfish" Woolston had demonstrations
of his personal collection of world instruments.

Oh and in case you forgot already, the park is crazy busy today.

The Invaders from Trinidad are always a crowd favorite
and are playing in the Dockside Theatre.

The band plays on Steel Pans, which is the national instrument of Trinidad.

Back over in the Boatworks Theatre, Los Pampas Gauchos from Argentina
demonstrated traditional folk dancing with boleadoras (as seen here)


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