SCHLITTERBAN KC | Off-Season Park Update 02.20.12

Welcome to a special off season tour of Schlitterbahn KC.
We're going to start our tour off at Boogie Beach, in the new section.

Here is the new aquaveyor, which is probably twice as big
as the other one at the park. It takes you up to King Kaw.

At the top, looking back at Boogie Bay and the new shade structures.

Here is the other side of the aquaveyor and the start of King Kaw.

If you don't want to take the aquaveyor, you can take the stairs.

A new fence was added around the start pool of King Kaw.

Panning north, you can see the new slide tower and Mighty Mo.

Mighty Mo is powered by the run off water from Boogie Bahn.
The water will come out of these holes very quickly.

It is then sent down this chute towards Kristal River.

This rock work will become a waterfall from run off
water from the start pool of King Kaw.


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