Time to check back in on Schlitterbahn's Verruckt.
Appears they have made some progress since our last visit.

More supports for the initial drop are in place and
the stairs to the load platform are going in on the tower.

They were able to get another flight of stairs up before I left.
They plan to have the stairs to the top of the current height
of the main tower by midweek next week.

Panning out you can see the relation of the speed hump hill
to the current supports. The first drop will be very steep.

Here is where the bottom of the first drop will be located.

Here you can see where the water jets will be located. This
ride will utilize Master Blaster technology to lift the
rafts up and over the hill to the end of the slide.

This speed hump hill is sure to create some air time.

It is going to take A LOT of water to power those jets on the hump.
Here is where the pump house will be located for those jets.

The down side of the speed hump. I'd say it is a safe bet
that the boats will be flying down this hill.

Finally, here is the run out before the turn to float back
to the start of the ride. Not sure how this will work, just yet.

That's all for now. The plan is to return next week to
monitor the progress as it seems things are picking up speed.


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