Welcome back to Schlitterbahn and to Verruckt's construction site.
I have to admit, I was expecting it to be open by now.

This is the run out bay area for the slide. It is almost looking
like once the raft exits the slide, it will go up on this incline
where I am guessing that the guests will depart the raft.

Looking towards the other end, you can see that the spline has finally
started to creep up the first drop.

So my guess is that once the guests exit the raft, the raft will
get sent down this course empty to get sent back to the top.

All of the work being done today was on the return canal.

This was the end of the line for the canal, which leads me to think
that the conveyor to take the rafts back up to the top will connect here.

Another look at the work on the canal.

As mentioned earlier, the spline has started to go up the first drop.

They've added a lot more bracing since our last update and the
stairs have about reached the very top.

Still a long way to go on this ride. Very slim chance they
be able to get it open before the end of the season.

We'll be back one last time this season during Labor Day weekend.
I guess we'll see how close to being finished they are then.


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