The big news is that they have track all the way up
on this very odd looking curve structure they've built.

I'm hesitant to call this an inversion just yet, but
following the path of the track thus far, I'm not sure
how it could be anything other than that.

For one thing, if it was just going to be an overbanked turn
it is angled the wrong way in accordance with the rest of the
structure for a pull out. So... zero-g roll?

A lot more bents are ready to be placed at any time.

In fact, I would imagine that they'll be up by next week.
Using logic, I'd think they'd start at the bottom of that
hill and work their way back up as to not "paint themselves
into a corner" when placing them.

Over at the lift hill site now, that structure is still very
impressive. There is that pass through support that we pointed
out in our last update. I think it will be near the end of the ride.

It sure looks like the entire drop is tracked now.

Over the hill you can see the pull out from the first drop. The
footers in the foreground are from the trip back to the station.

There is another support cross through near the first drop.
I'm not sure if these footers will use it or if it is for
maintenance, as these footers look to go over the drop.

One last look at the lift/drop area before we move on.


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